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Monday, 5 November 2012

Paper Dolls by Mary Newnham

Paper Dolls is my first documentary (so be nice) which I produced,directed and edited. The film explores the different ways the media is affecting women in today's society. I felt it was important to do this project, as i am aware of the constant degrading of females in the industry. The odd thing is, a lot of it is coming from women themselves! You just have to watch scripted reality TV or open a magazine to see that.

I was kindly invited by RHUL Feminism society to film the Slut Walk. It was so exciting to be there as the protest has caused so many debates with journalists and other feminists. Even I was questioning the walk, but that was before i went.

The whole production was a lot of fun and I am looking into doing a part 2 to Paper Dolls as there is still so much more to say! If you have any questions or feedback contact me Hope you enjoy the film and check out the website

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