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Monday, 29 October 2012

A Week of Super active Feminism (AND CLASSICS)!


It has been a busy couple of weeks in feminism! We attended a feminist activist workshop, some of us went to the TUC Demo and the Feminist Lobby, and Victoria Butcher was elected as our new Communications Officer. We also went to the "Come in your Socs" event at the SU sporting our new feminist sashes :) But now is the time to tell you what's going to be happening this week. 

Wednesday: Yes it is Halloween, but the most creepiest thing is Nadine Dorries' abortion time limit debate. There may be a protest early afternoon, outside the houses of parliament on this day.  Like our page on facebook or follow us on twitter if you would like more information about this. 

On Thursday we are teaming up with Rhul Classics Society and Rhul Shakespeare Society to present Feminism & Reviving the Classics. Our guest speaker for the night is David Bullen, Co-Artistic Director of By Jove Theatre Company and Rhul Alumni.

At this event we will be discussing the misogynist constructions of characters in 'classic' drama and how feminist theory can be used to address this issue and avoid promulgating the sexist culture in which these works originated without destroying what makes them so great? For more information on the discussion please visit the facebook event page and tell us if you are attending!

Thursday is also the deadline for The Wilding articles so get them in! Email them to

On Sunday, we also spent a bit of time with Bloomsbury Pro-choice Alliance and we will be with them again this Sunday at Comedy for Choice celebrating the end 40 days of the anti-choice protesters in Bedford square. So, we hope to see you around sometime this week!


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