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Volunteering @ The Feminist Library

We at Rhul FemSoc have teamed up with Rhul Community Action and The Feminist Library to provide volunteering opportunities that will have your inner activist and your CV gleaming! 
The Feminist Library is a large archive collection of Women’s Liberation Movement literature, particularly second-wave materials dating from the late 1960s to the 1990s. We support research, activist and community projects in this field. We are based at 5 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7XW. We are open every Monday 2-5pm, Tuesday 10am-6pm and Thursday 6.30-9.30pm. Additionally, we are open on the 1st Saturday of the month 1.30-5pm for the Writers’ Space.
The Feminist Library is run entirely by volunteers. A core group of management committee members are supported by a strong collective of regular volunteers, who donate their time and skills to make the library what it is. Recent research shows that charity volunteers felt happier as a result of their good deeds and when you do an act of kindness your brain produces hormones that make you feel good on a chemical level. So this is your chance!
The Feminist Library are looking for people to…
  • Help develop the Feminist Library online catalogue.
  • Research, order and review new publications.
  • Help staff the library during our regular opening hours and events.
  • Connect with other feminist groups and organisations.
  • Contribute to the newsletter.
  • Help with fundraising.
  • Organise the FL stall at events and conferences around London.
  • Cover general admin duties.
The Feminist Library invite people with specialist skills to join one of their sub-groups, but they also welcome people that would like to develop skills in the following areas:
  • The fundraising sub-group researches and applies for grants, administrates our standing order scheme and evaluates/develops our fundraising strategy, developing ideas & campaigns.
  • The newsletter sub-group plans and creates our seasonal Feminist Library newsletter.
  • The building sub-group works on premises-related matters and researches long-term solutions for housing the collection.
  • The publicity group makes sure everyone is aware of the Feminist Library’s role and activities.
  • The events group create and organises events held at the Feminist Library.
The Feminist Library is always looking for new volunteers and all feminists are welcome to get involved –  if you are interested in helping the library in any capacity, please email The Feminist Library on further details or come to the library on Thursday between 7-9 pm.
When you register as a RHUL Community Action volunteer (which you can do through the website) you can get recognised for your volunteer work at the Feminist Library by recording your volunteering using the online form.

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