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About Fem Soc

RHUL Feminism Society was founded in February 2011 and exists to discuss and advocate feminism and to campaign for gender equality in and beyond campus.

Many people seem to go along with the misconception that women gained equal rights and when women won the vote in the first wave, but actually theres still a need for feminism today.

Feminism is about gender equality and wanting everyone’s rights and freedoms protected regardless of what’s in their pants.We advocate intersectional feminism, which means that along with fighting against sexism we recognise other forms of oppression linked to it, and we therefore aim to fight against racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia. We also stand up against slut shaming, body shaming, victim blaming and much, much more. Like the feminists before us, we fight to protect access to contraception and family planning services so that anyone can make their own informed and safe choices regarding their reproductive system.

Rhul FemSoc's Aims & Objectives

1. Smash Patriarchy
2. Raise awareness of feminist issues on campus in an approachable and friendly way.
3. Implement NUS Women’s campaigns on campus.
4. Gain more members. Both freshers and students from other years.
5. Continue to be actively involved and put forward motions in SURHUL General meetings.
6. Discuss and debate feminist issues in a safe space in which members feel comfortable being open and frank about topics that may be personal to them.
7. Encourage student feminists to work towards gender equality.
8. Revisit and raise awareness of Royal Holloway’s feminist history.
9. Engage and work with other feminist groups locally and nationally.
10. To provide opportunities for members to develop as activists.

Previously we've campaigned for a zero tolerance stance on sexual harassment in the SU, for a student parents and carers representative on the Student Union's Inclusion and Representation, for better lighting in alleys around campus and more! We’re a society of people of all genders, races, classes, religions and sexualities dedicated to fighting for gender equality for everyone and you are welcome to join us. We have been known put on cake fuelled protest sign related arts and crafts sessions, book and film events. We laugh lots!

If you want to be kept up to date with the society you can message us at to be added to our email list.