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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rhul Fem Soc: Making waves in SURHUL General Meetings since 2011

by Susuana Antubam
The first birthday of Royal Holloway Feminism Society is around the corner and, for me personally, some of our best moments happened at this Tuesday's general meeting. Fem Soc had both of our motions passed and some of our members were elected to represent SURHUL in various positions.
Zero Tolerance
Our Zero Tolerance motion passed which means we can now apply for ZT accreditation with the political support of the SU. Which will mean that in the future, any reported incidents of sexual harassment will be taken taking seriously and Students’ union staff will be trained to deal with any reported cases, and to treat victims with respect. 
Student Parent and Carers Parents Representative
Our motion to create a Student Parent and Carers Parents Representative as part of our Women Against Cuts - better care to learn campaign also passed. This means we can that the SU can start addressing the issues that Student Parent and Carers Parents face and look at what more our uni can provide.
Women's NUS Conference Delegates
Delegates for the Women's NUS Conference were also elected at the GM. There were four places up for grabs: one for LGBT/Disability, one for Black and Ethnic Minorities, and then two other places. After the speeches and votes the results were:
NUS Women's Delegates: Jasmine Wyeth and Sidonie Bertrand-Shelton
NUS Black Women's Delegate: Susuana Antubam

SURHUL Officers
Matthew Chadkirk was also elected to be SURHUL's Equality and Liberation Officer.

Well done everyone!

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