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Monday, 23 January 2012

RHUL Feminism Society & Royal Holloway Women Against Cuts

A couple of weeks ago Royal Holloway Feminism society voted to be officially against public sector cuts. The society also voted for Royal Holloway Women Against Cuts, (a group campaigning against gender discriminating public sector cuts, which was previously a women's sister group of RH anti cuts alliance, and RHUL Fem Soc.), to become an official campaign associated with the Feminism Society organised solely by women but open to all.

What does this mean? It means that Royal Holloway Women Against Cuts will become a more stable campaign. Like Fem Soc's other Campaign - Zero Tolerance, it will be associated Fem Soc, however anyone who cares about the campaign can get involved. It also makes more sense having this type of connection than having two septate campaigns on campus that are both campaigning against gender discriminatory cuts.

Organised solely by women but open to all? Originally Royal Holloway Women Against Cuts was set up because there was a need for a space for women to get together talk about cuts effecting women and and organise ways to campaign. In order to keep that sense of “women organising women” but at the same to include other genders that want to get involved, it was voted that the campaign would be organised by women but open to all. 

So please don't be put off by the name Royal Holloway Women Against Cuts. Think of it as Royal Holloway Students against the gender discriminating cuts … but shorter! There's a load of things we want to do this year, a few of them being campaigning around how cuts effecting students who are also carers and cuts that are effecting women’s mental health and safety. So please get involved! If you want to know more or if you have any other ideas please visit the blog or drop us an email at

by Susuana Antubam

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