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Monday, 9 January 2012

A feminist man speaks!

By Yasin Mudey

Oh hi there. I’m a guy, writing for a feminist blog. Yes, this is probably the coolest thing I’ve done in a while. Why am I writing here? Because I’m interested to learn more about feminism, as my current knowledge of it is paramount to my knowledge of physics, which, in case you’re wondering is next to nothing. My main chunk of feminist know-how comes from GCSE History in which I learned about the suffragette movement, and again I can’t say I paid much attention.

I’ve had brushes with feminism in the past. My older sister is a pretty big feminist in her own words, and contrary to the popular belief that feminists hate men......well, she does hate men. It makes family meals quite fun, because she usually comes up with something about her hatred of men and then look directly at me and say ‘but you’re too cute to be a man’, to which my general response is ‘I’m a 20 year old man, Woman!’ Jokes aside, you’d think I would know quite a lot about feminism, however the knowledge my sister imparts on me are titbits like ‘Men are pigs’, and ‘Men lie’, to which I casually nod my head and smile in agreement.
Talking to a few of the feminists here has made me realise that feminism is much more than that. Feminists need men, but I believe, more importantly, that men need Feminists. That, in a nutshell, is why I’m a feminist. Also, for the possibility of learning witchcraft, because who wouldn’t want to learn it? Just sayin’.

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