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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Next Week at FemSoc! (18th - 24th Feb)

First up is Monday evening with Lets talk about Liberation hosted by our wonderful FemStar and SURHUL Equality and Liberation Officer Sid! Last year we succeeded in winning a motion to replace the role of the Equality and Liberation Officer with a four separate liberation officers - Disability Officer, LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and others) Officer, BME (Black and Minority Ethnicity) Officer and WMG (Women and Marginalised Genders) Officer. You can read what happened here. This talk will hopefully answer some questions that many of you will have about the roles and to help the Inclusion and Representation Senate invited speakers from each Liberation group to talk about their experience and their advice. Guest speakers on the night include Susan Cook - London Met LGBT+ Office, Aaron Kiely - NUS Black Student's Officer and Hannah Paterson - Disabled Student's Officer. So come along and find out what it is like to be a liberation activist and officer and what liberation Officers do! It's almost election time and we've been building up to this moment for A VERY LONG TIME so if you are thinking about running to be a liberation officer next year you should really come to this!

On Thursday we are very excited to be celebrating our second birthday! We've come very far from last year and since we came into existence so instead of the usual fem soc session we've decided to paint the town with feminism! We are partying through the waves of feminism with feminist wave-themed houses before a boogie down in Medicine (which is a bar on campus for non-Rhul peeps reading this lol) :). If you are coming (which we hope all our femstars are!) make sure you bring a White t-shirt and a pen and what ever you plan to consume and meet us on campus at Crosslands at 7pm for the start of the tour! (We'll be the ones in the White T-Shirts!). Can't wait to see you there!

Last, but definitely not least, is the weekend's big event StudentFems 2013. It's going to be a great event full of student lead feminist workshops. The conference has already had some coverage including a cheeky plug on the huge feminist online site Rhul Fem Soc is going to be running three sessions across the weekend YES, A TRIPPLE WHAMMY OF FEM SOC! You only have up to the 20th to book your place at the conference so DO IT NOW! - by going to the website  Hope to see many of you there and you all better be ready for FULL FEMINISM NOW :)

FemLove xx 

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