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Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Wild Welcome Back at Royal Holloway :)

We kicked it off with the SURHUL Welcome Week Societies fayre, where 146 students signed up to our email list and copies of The Wilding were available for free. It was so nice to meet you all and tell you about the society. We are also looking for new articles and donations for Issue 2 of The Wilding.

Hopefully all of you who have signed up have started getting emails from us. If not, don't worry because Josie (pictured on the left) will add you to the email list if you email us at
Remember that you can become a fem soc member online by going to the SU website  >  Log in/Register - (Your username is the number on your college card starting with 100******) > Click on the activities link > Click on the societies link and you will find (Feminism) > Join by adding the £7 to basket > Scroll down to 'Review Basket' at the bottom of the page > If you haven't already, you will also have to add the Students Activities Membership (allows you to join clubs/societies) which costs a further £10 > Proceed to check out and BOOM!

Then there was the First SURHUL General Meeting of the year where some fem soc members ran for various positions in the student union. It's great to know that we still have such passionate feminist activist around and wonderful to hear them mention Fem Soc in their speeches. Congratulations to Jack Saffery-Rowe on being elected to the SHRHUL Campaigns committee and to Jessica Goldsmith on her position as Gender Equality representative on the Inclusion and Representation senate. The SURHUL Inclusion and Representation senate has a mission to ensure accessibility, inclusion, representation and awareness are prominent at SURHUL. The I&R senate is chaired by Sidonie Bertrand-Shelton, and other places on the senate that still need to be filled are the: Disability Rep, BME (Black and Minority Ethnicity) Rep, Student Parent and Carer Rep and Halls Reps. If you are interested in running contact Sid or come to the next General meeting.

We had our introduction meeting on Thursday and got to engage with lots of new members. Next week we are teaming up with  Rhul Philosophy society and presenting "Victorian Secrets", a discussion on Victorian gender ideology and the development of gender philosophy. If you have facebook please click attending on the event page so we have a better idea of numbers. On the night, along with many other things, we will be discussing:
- What effects did the Victorian era have on gender roles?
- Royal Holloway's women in the Victorian Era
 - What the heck is gender anyway?
- The birth of Gender Philosophy
- Gender in other cultures
- Gender myths
This is our first collaboration of the year and it will be on October 11th, in Arts Building Lecture theatre 2 at 6pm. Hope to see you there.

Also next week Sunday is the Feminist Students' Coordinating meeting at the Feminist Library in London. 


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