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Friday, 22 June 2012

And.. the award for the most idiotic sexist campaign video of the month goes to...

By Susuana Antubam 

So, uproar revolving a video funded by the EU to encourage girls to take up science was going around on Twitter. I decided at the time that I'd watch it a bit later since (ironically) science isn't really my field, but I am aware about some of the issues revolving the under-representation of women in science and I would love to know more by contacting the women's physics group at Royal Holloway. However, I did get an A and B for it at GCSE which I'm quite proud of, although I'm not sure if that counts for much anymore since some brainac is thinking of bringing back O Levels. Anyways, it was only after a fellow feminist shared it on our FemSoc group page that I thought I might as well give it a look....

Do I need to spell all the things wrong with this video? In addition the crap music and directing and cinematography? Rage can be messy, so as a Media Arts undergrad I'm going use my skills to portray what I imagine went on in that video brainstorm meeting in an more appropriate form.

“Hey! We really need to make a brilliant campaign video to make young women feel that they shouldn't be put off studying and going into science, we need to show them science can be girly and fun”

“Yes! Girly - thats the key! But how?”

“I'll know what we'll do! We'll paint it pink!”

“And add really cheap candypop funky music!”

“Yesyesyes but we need MORE!”

“More? yes more, can you think of any other stereotypical things that might help us?”

“Hmm... Ah wait wait wait WAIT FOR IT! Make-up!”

“Make Up?”

“Well show that you need SCIENCE to make MAKE UP!”

“That's such an awesome idea! We need to make them see that science can be fashionable and attractive"

“AH We should sling in some unnecessary Vogue shots”

“Yes! And add male model and show him eyeing up smart science babes, male approval is always a win. This campaign is going to scream girly science”

“Yes girly science, they'll go for that, they'll think its so fetch”

“Fetch? whats fetch?”

“Its slang, from England”

“No, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!”

Moral of the story: Don't spoil a great campaign by having a sexist campaign video.

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