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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

RHUL FemSoc supports Michael Chessum, Vicki Baars and Edd Bauer in the NUS elections

The Royal Holloway Feminism Society has decided to back Michael Chessum for Vice President of Higher Education in the NUS elections. Michael has a consistent record of backing free education - and other public services including the NHS. He has mobilised 30,000 students for a national demonstration, and been vital to the success and endurance of the anti-cuts movement through the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. Particularly impressive is Michael's advocacy for liberation politics - Michael has backed from the start the NCAFC's liberation caucuses, and has attended the NUS LGBT Conference advocating progressive politics on the welfare state, LGBT rights, feminism, and direct action. We call on all delegates to vote Michael Chessum #1 for VP HE. On a similar basis, we would also advocate votes for Vicki Baars, and for Edd Bauer with 2nd preferences for Sean Rillo-Raczka.

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