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Saturday, 14 April 2012


Royal Holloway Women Against Cuts: Better Care to Learn Campaign

How often have you thought about dropping from your course?
How many times have you had a panic attack over the stress of your responsibilities?
How often have you sat in a room full of students and felt tired, not because you spent your night getting drunk, but you spent it looking after your dependent when they took ill?
How often have you felt guilty for studying and leaving your dependent for a few hours?
How often have you had to ask for an extension, because you haven’t finished the last essay due to responsibilities?

his is your reality, and we can only imagine the rest. But we need to know the rest. The on campus Nursery “Little Echoes” is being closed and moved, the government Care to Learn grant was almost eradicated and the courses at RHUL are designed for students without dependents.Please download and answer this questionnaire, it is anonymous and will take 10mins. Then email it back to us at We need this input, to make sure you can complete your course, that you have equal opportunity, and that you have support throughout your time here. We need to know what you think.

If you study at RHUL with a Student Parent and/or Carer, please  pass this on. 
Thank You.

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